Thanks and Acknowledgments

We owe great thanks to many people, and we’re glad to acknowledge their support, help, and enthusiasm here.


The Department of Classics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill provided financial and moral support, for which we are very grateful.  We owe the beautiful tunics and masks, as well as subvention of the cost of editing the videotapes, to a grant from Professor Cecil Wooten, the recently retired Chair of the Department.  Colleagues from the Department came to cheer on the performers by providing an enthusiastic audience.


The Department’s office staff gave us incredible support and assistance: we can never give enough thanks to the extraordinary Cinnamon Weaver, the wonderful Kim Miles, and the amazing Karna Younger.  We could not have managed this Institute without their cheerful, humorous help and efficiency.


The College of Arts and Sciences provided a grant of $1,000, which helped to subvent the cost of editing the videotapes.


John Magowan, Director of the Institute for Arts and Humanities in beautiful Hyde Hall, generously offered us the run of the building for the duration of our program.  Run the building we did, with the cheerful assistance of the amazing IAH staff, who tolerated no small amount of lunacy and strange noises.  In fact, we ran pretty wild in the building—and everywhere, we ran into friendly smiles and extraordinary graciousness.  Very special thanks go to Allison Barnes, who frequently stayed late to accommodate Tim’s workshops on meter (which were crucial to the success of the Latin performances).  We are endlessly grateful!


Mark Steffen, Manager of gorgeous Gerrard Hall, went far above and beyond any reasonable expectations in supporting this project.  We are very grateful for his generosity, flexibility, and graciousness.


Stephen Keith, Manager of beautiful Forest Theatre, provided plentiful rehearsal time as well as great enthusiasm for the project.


Brian, Ted, and Leon at Cirque Video—you guys made great movies!


Adam Dill, costumer extraordinaire, provided us the gorgeous tunics and stunning masks.  His Ballio robe in particular inspired enthusiastic response—three of our five Balliones wanted to wear it!   Given its use in rehearsal as well as performance, Tim and Sharon must have washed that tunic at least five times….


Our visiting faculty experts—Sander, Toph, Amy, Niall, Mary-Kay, Anne, John, and Fred—really made this Institute special.  To all of you: a big thanks!


Serena Witzke was the assistant callidissima to this Institute, which would have broken down rapidly without her.  Plus she gave an extraordinary presentation on vulnerable females in Roman comedy!  Thanks so much, Serena.


Sharon would like to thank Tim for everything.  Together they made her crazy little idea become a great big reality, and a much better one than she had ever envisioned.  It would never have come to pass otherwise.