Pre-Institute Readings

Before arriving at Chapel Hill, NEH Summer Scholars are asked to read the following works:

The 26 extant plays of Plautus and Terence

Bilingual versions (Latin on one page, English on the opposite page) of these plays are available in the following editions from the Loeb Classical Library, found in most college and university libraries:

Amphitruo – Rudens
: Plautus, vols, I-IV, translated by Wolfgang de Melo.  Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2011-2012. 
Stichus- Truculentus: Plautus
, vol. V, translated by Paul Nixon.  Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1938.

, edited and translated by John Barsby. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2001.

NEH Summer Scholars may also find the following other translations useful.

NEH Summer Scholars will want to concentrate especially on Curculio, which will be at the center of our discussion during the NEH Institute’s first week, and the scenes to be performed.

NEH Summer Scholars with Latin are encouraged to read Curculio and the scenes to be performed in Latin.  Here is a list of useful editions and commentaries.

C.W. Marshall, The Performance and Stagecraft of Roman Comedy. Reprint with corrections. Cambridge, Eng.: Cambridge University Press, 2009.  Chapters 1, 3 and 4.

Marshall’s book is both the most important syn­the­sis of all the work on performance of Roman comedy in the last 100 years and a source of many provo­cative new ideas.  Chapter 1 re­views evi­dence for performance in mid-Repub­lican Rome and the business of putting on comedies. Chapter 3 dis­cusses what actors’ masks would have con­tri­buted to per­formance.  Chapter 4 addresses such ele­ments as status, fo­cus, and pace, evalu­ating, from the text, the effect of indivi­dual scenes onstage

Copies of the assigned chapters will be made available at no cost to each of the NEH Summer Scholars.