Location and Logistics


All NEH Summer Scholars participating in the Institute will receive a stipend of  $3,300 (taxable), to be paid in two installments: one half at the beginning of the NEH Institute, one half during its second half.  This sum should cover most costs, but—especially after taxes—it is not guaranteed to cover every expense.


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

As visiting scholars of the Department of Classics at the University of North Carolina, NEH Summer Scholars will have access to the university library, which has generous hours throughout the summer—including evenings and weekends—and a superb collection of works on drama, literature, and Roman history.  NEH Scholars will also have access to the much smaller but very convenient Classics Library and to the university dining halls (there are also numerous other places to eat within easy walking distance).  For a small fee, NEH Summer Scholars and their family members may also use the university’s athletic facilities, which include fitness centers and an indoor and outdoor pool.  NEH Summer Scholars are encouraged to bring their own laptops: wireless will be available at no cost throughout the campus, and NEH Summer Scholars will be able to use university printers for a small fee, either at the main library (Davis) or through arrangement with the Classics Department.

Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, a college town of about 60,000 residents, was recently named the most liveable city in the United States.  It joins with Durham, Raleigh, and several smaller communities to form what is called the Research Triangle, a lively area of culture, high-tech industry, and three large universities (Duke, UNC, and North Carolina State University).   More information on the city often called “The Southern Part of Heaven” can be found at http://townofchapelhill.org and http://www.visitchapelhill.org/.


Getting to Chapel Hill

The closest airport to Chapel Hill is Raleigh-Durham International Airport, serviced by many major airlines. Airport shuttles and taxis are available from the airport to Chapel Hill, at a cost of approximately $25-35. Amtrak also serves Greensboro (60 minutes away), Cary (35 minutes away), and Durham (20 minutes away). These stations provide service respectively to the southwest, Florida and the southeast, and the mid-Atlantic.

Getting around

Chapel Hill is very easy to get around in.  NEH Summer Scholars should not plan on driving to campus, where there is very little parking (although there are commercial parking lots near campus).  Most amenities, however, are within walking distance of the university campus, and a free bus service runs throughout the city and its environs.  For trips further afield, a private automobile will prove useful.  NEH Summer Scholars who do not bring their own cars may also wish to make use of  Zipcar, a by-the-hour car rental company.



UNC has air-conditioned apartments and dormitory rooms around campus.  These apartments range from one to four bedrooms with bath, kitchen, and living room. The assumption is that these will be shared, but it is possible to rent all rooms in an apartment.  More information can be found here: http://housing.unc.edu/current-residents/seeking-summer-housing.  Check also the Ram Village website: http://housing.unc.edu/community/ram-village/index.html.   Apartments are built on a quad that has food services, a convenience store, and covered parking. Linen service is available for $10.50 a week or you can bring your own. Kitchens are not furnished with dinnerware or cookware, and residents must be over eighteen.  No pets are allowed. NEH Summer Scholars considering Ram Village should be aware that most of the complex’s residents are undergraduate students.  The dormitory rooms (residence halls) have basic bedroom furnishings (not linens) and are much less expensive, but they require meal plans at the student dining service.

UNC also has guest apartments available that come more fully equipped. These apartments are scattered over campus and have rates of 67/day for a one bedroom and $80/day for a two bedroom. No pets or children permitted.

UNC housing must be paid in advance through the Department of Classics, and the cost will be deducted from your stipend.

Chapel Hill also offers in the summer a good number of sublets and other varieties of off-campus housing, including many that allow pets and are appropriate for families.  Note that Carrboro is an excellent option–it’s really one unit with Chapel Hill, in terms of transportation and general living in town, so don’t overlook housing options there.  Start with Craig’s List (http://raleigh.craigslist.org/sub/). You should look at the listings provided by  the Chapel Hill Visitors Bureau.  Previous NEH event directors encourage NEH Summer Scholars to look especially at  Inn Town and How Suite It Is. Inn Town is a fairly long uphill walk to campus (but one that takes you through an interesting residential area) and a two-block walk to a bus stop. If you choose an off-campus apartment, be sure to check if it is on a bus route (note the parking limitations described above).  Other resources for finding housing include http://housing.unc.edu/off-campus-housing.html, http://unc.uloop.com/housing/http://www.chapelhillrent.com/, and NEH Summer Scholars are encouraged to consult with the NEH Institute Staff as well.


Performance resources

Costuming of various types, props, and masks will be available or will be made for the performances in ancient dress (i.e., pallia, cloaks, and other ancient-style garments—but not shoes).  Participants should plan to devise their own costumes for the other performance choices.

Rehearsals and performances will take place both in the outdoor Forest Theatre and in the beautiful restored historic Gerrard Hall. (For further information on Gerrard Hall, click here.)


Forest Theatre

Theatre in Gerrard Hall