The NEH Institute’s co-directors are Sharon L. James and Timothy J. Moore.

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Sharon L. James

Sharon James, Associate Professor of Classics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is a leading authority on women in antiquity and on Roman comedy.   Her publications include Learned Girls and Male Persuasion: Gender and Reading in Roman Love Elegy and many articles on prostitutes, rape, and gender in Roman comedy and Latin literature. She is currently completing a book entitled Women in Greek and Roman New Comedy.


Timothy J. Moore

Timothy Moore, John and Penelope Biggs Distinguished Professor of Classics in Arts and Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, is the internationally recognized expert on Roman comedy’s music.  His publications include Artistry and Ideology: Livy’s Vocabulary of Virtue, The Theater of Plautus: Playing to the Audience, Music in Roman Comedy, Roman Theatre, and numerous articles on Roman and Japanese comedy, ancient music, and Latin literature.

The two directors tend to approach Roman comedy from divergent but complementary perspectives.  Moore is fascinated by the form of Roman comedy, both on the page and in performance.  He likes to think about questions like what monologues do, what the plays sounded like, and where actors might dance.  James is most interested in how the plays both reflect and comment on Roman society: gender relations, the challenges and anxieties of raising children, the ambiguous status of slaves.  We hope for much lively conversation on all these matters during the NEH Institute.  Both James and Moore will be available throughout the weeks of the Institute for scheduled and spontaneous individual meetings with the participating NEH Summer Scholars.