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See Ballio threaten his slaves!  See them laugh at him...

We got the beat on-line—check out the hip-hop, the whip-hop, the percussion!

Our scene is on-line—watch us act, discuss, then act some more!

Check us out—Pinky, Cheese Balls, and Goofballs wearing Angela’s masks!


Our scenes are on YouTube!


Latin version


English version

Persa online!

Our videotape is here—check us out!


Our scenes are on YouTube now!


Version 1: in Latin


Version 2: in English, with aggressive Dorippa


Version 3: in English, with weepy Dorippa

Our three versions are on-line!


Version 1: in Latin, with Institute Masks and costumes


Version 2: 1853 translation of Henry Thomas Riley


Version 3: “Family Thais,” a modern sit-com

Our scenes are on-line!


Version 1: with masks and costumes from the Institute


Version 2: with tragic masks and Institute costumes


Version 3: Improv!

Our videos are up!

Sung in Latin

In English, with masks

In English, without masks

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