Reflections on filming Eunuchus

Reflections on filming Eunuchus (by Erin)


It behooves a prudent person to reflect on the entire Eunuch experience from a safe distance. I know at least one of our cast members (that is to say, yours truly) only made it through the performance/recording day because of a staunch refusal to recognize that these performances would be made public on YouTube. It was a great pleasure to perform for our fellow NEH Summer Scholars, however! Due to our manifold costume/makeup/hairstyle changes (which resulted from the vastly different performance styles and settings of each version—thank you, Jeanne Neumann, for helping wrangle our hair!), our performances were spread out over the morning. But once the Latin version was out of the way (which we’d practiced least), we settled in to our various roles and enjoyed the “high-sounding words” of the 1853 version and the frenetic pace of sit-com version, occasionally taking advantage of the opportunity to re-shoot the scene. (Thank you, extras, for your help too—the scenes would not have been anywhere as funny without you!) Assuredly, the entire experience was good, if exhausting. The audience response to their Laugh/Applause/Oooooh cues during the sit-com scene (thank you to Seth Jeppesen for manning the audience’s cue cards—he is a worthy fellow!) was especially rewarding and decidedly good for our egos.