Photos from Eunuchus performances

The Eunuchus group did three very different performances: one in Latin, with tunics and masks; one very 19th-century British version, in a Wildean style; and a very short modern TV sitcom style (called Family Thais). Be sure to read the Reflections on filming Eunuchusblogpost that Erin contributed. 

These great photos are from Nancy’s iPad—thanks to both Nancy and Sophie, who sent them on to me (Sharon).


 Eunuchus Version 1: tunics and masks


Thais (Erin), Chremes (Kenneth), Thraso (Mark), and Gnatho (Sophie), plus the Kitchen Squadron: Tarik (behind Mark), Chris B. (behind Sophie), Seth (playing Sanga), and Dan.


Eunuchus version 2—the 1853 translation of Henry Thomas Riley

(from the Perseus website)


Pythias (Amy), Thais (Mark), and Chremes (Sophie), up against the Enemy: Tarik, Kenneth (playing Gnatho), Chris B., Seth (playing Sanga), Dan, and Erin (playing Thraso).


Chremes threatens Thraso, who is threatening to repossess Pamphila.  Note Sophie’s chief weapon: a badminton racket.

Pythias (Amy), Thais (Mark), Thraso (Erin), Gnatho (Kenneth’s leg, behind Erin), Chremes (Sophie, with badminton racket), Tarik (behind Sophie), Chris B., Seth (playing Sanga), and Dan.


Eunuchus version 3—Family Thais, a modern sitcom version

Thais (Sophie), Chremes (Mark), the nerdy accountant, Gnatho (Erin), and Thraso (Kenneth).  Near Sophie, off-camera, is Seth, holding a pile of cue cards for the audience:  LAUGH; APPLAUD; “OOOOO.”  We did.