Reflections on Filming (July 17)

Our filming session went well, and we appreciated the audience response to the slaves mocking Ballio, and to the work being piled onto the smallest person in the scene.  On the whole this has been a fruitful collaboration, combining Gian Giacomo’s expertise in physical movement to actualize Seth’s translation and Ada’s interesting concept.  Kenneth’s willingness to take a beating and yelp a lot were perhaps as essential as his dramaturgical eye.  And Dan has been your faithful blogging correspondent.

We were able to make it through the scene in one take, but we did have to go back to re-tape a section where there were some problems with the microphone sound.  This only involved Seth and Kenneth.  (We were relieved that we did not have to change costumes and do the courtesans’ entrance again.)  We had a couple of other goofs in the scene, but we were content to leave well enough alone.  In case you want to look for those… when Dan changed from a courtesan to Pseudolus, the mic pack fell out of his pocket and he had to pick it up.  And Gian Giacomo left one of the courtesan masks on stage at the end.

After watching some of the other scenes, we thought it might be a good idea to tape a prologue to establish Pseudolus and Callidorus as eavesdropping before the scene begins.  We hope that will be helpful for audiences watching the video.