Performance (July 17)

Performance Reflections

We finally put the scene on film. Mike was Brilliant as Ballio, aided by the hard work of Mark and Daniel as the slaves who helped Mike really sell the joyful reveling in mastery of the slimeball Ballio. Tarik nailed every line as the helpless Calidorus, and Chris had great fun breaking into the scene in the rant in the middle. Tony, our clarinetist, did a very nice job with Ted’s music to underscore the scene, doing a nice job of providing steady background music which did not detract from the spoken Latin. Many thanks to our volunteer prostitutes (Erin, Nancy, Jeanne, and Sophie) who played their parts perfectly.

We had to go back and film a few of the Calidorus and Pseudolus scenes again, but this was in no way the fault of the actors (alas videographer technical difficulties).

Now that we are at the end, it is a great relief. The Latin was quite the challenge to work with, but each practice got better, and the filming was by far the most emotive and interesting run we have had this whole time. This has been a very fun experience to the greatest extent because of the opportunity to work with this dedicated and fascinating group of collaborators.

And from Mark: ┬áIn theatre, the reward for hard work is performance. Kudos to all the Pseudoli A and especially to our upstanding extras in their veiled and impassive splendor, but most of all to Mike who carried the ballio across the line to victory. We learned a lot, sweat more and gave it everything we had. I’ll bet we light up the web! Hey NEH, we own you!