Session 10 (July 16)

Session 10: July 16

We rehearsed in the Forest Theatre today at 11:00 AM.  We began with some discussion of costume choices, which ended when Ada successfully convinced Dan that wearing the pink head scarf with the orange wrap and the gaudiest courtesan mask might be a little excessive.

After some work on the transition into the prostitute puppetry portion, we were able to run the scene twice for a small audience (Chris Bungard, Fred Franko, and a young woman who might have been a prospective UNC student).  Fred Franko gave us some helpful notes on gesture.  We had a good discussion with Chris about where the audience should sit, and he reminded us to keep our heads up and face out while using the masks so that they read for the audience and the cameras.

One interesting thing we have realized is that our initial concept of having the slaves mock Ballio has morphed into the slaves not only mocking Ballio when he turns his back, but also mocking each other when Ballio beats them.  Does the slaves’ interaction with each other subvert Ballio’s authority, or does their lack of respect for one another unwittingly support the hierarchical structure in spite of their lack of respect for Ballio?  We are excited to perform the scene for the cameras on Thursday!